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Bimbi Philips is the Afrobeat vision that the world has been waiting for.  Bimbi’s on a mission to break new ground and reach audiences through his artistic force; he’s a creative canon on the loose. 

Bimbi's objective is simple: to entertain! .. and oh boy does he do that and much more with his sizzling take on Afro Beat; his incorporation of elements of house and modern EDM in a truly mesmerising and vibrant live show, accompanied by superb backing dancers and a red hot band Inspired but never "copying" the legend of afro beats, Fela Kuti, instead treading his own path and bringing into play many other influences.

Bimbi looks into the heart of his genre and beyond to take his music and performance to another level.

With qualities that set him apart from the masses; lyrical diversity, the strong desire to arouse emotions, the gift of powerful vocals and unique performance style - Bimbi’s sharing his universal energy for the good of all.  Mastering imagination, personal life experiences and talented ability to produce his own distinct style. 

Bimbi’s the Afrobeat vessel for universal connection; music, culture, creativity, experience and belief.  Bimbi's inspiration has been inspired from many sources, hence, his vocals are rooted within the tunes of Fela Kuti, his melodies taking inspiration from R&B duo P-Square. His musical "bounce" has been compared to Wayne Wonder's easy flow, and infusing EDM rhythms used by the likes of Major Lazer, David Guetta and Calvin Harris, again not a copy, but like so much in music in the 21st century using as many influences as possible and as necessary to kick off with truly cool vibes.